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Rebecca is able to blend her knowledge and education about emotions, thoughts, body alignment, fitness, nutrition, and pain to help clients overcome any obstacle. She specializes in rehab pilates to help clients overcome injuries and/or prep/recover from surgery. 

​Life can present us with challenges that our family and friends may not fully understand, requiring you to seek professional guidance. My goal is to help you conquer your obstacles and understand the difficult experiences in life. You can obtain the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to new limits in life and gain control of your emotions and body with Mindful Movements.

Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor who specializes in Emotional eating, weight loss, anxiety, self-esteem/self-confidence, relationship issues, and teen/adult attention-deficit disorders.

Rebecca Melerine Moos, MS, LPC, NCC

Counseling. Pilates. Wellness.

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